February Gift Bundle 3

February Gift Bundle 3

Mottoc Grove Creations and BirdSongSoaps are excited to introduce our first collaboration!

This bundle includes: 

From Mottoc Grove:	
Body Butter Stick	
Whipped Sugar Scrub Jar 

From BirdSongSoaps
2 4oz soap bars 

Floral Scent Bundle:		
Rose-- Body Butter Stick			
Sea Salt & Orchid-- Whipped Sugar Scrub			
Lavender Soap and Rose Soap	 

Citrus Scent Bundle:		
Jamaican Me Crazy-- Body Butter Stick			
Peach Mango-- Whipped Sugar Scrub			
Coconut lime soap and Peach soap

Order by February 1st with guaranteed shipping by February 8th! Handmade card will be included for a personal note!
    Gift Bundle Scents 3

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